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Welcome to the home page of the ViaVoice tools (vv-tools) project.

ViaVoice tools is a collection of GPL-licensed (or LGPL-licensed) tools for use with IBM's ViaVoice speech recognition system.

This project is pretty much defunct because IBM discontinued support for ViaVoice under Linux.

Here is the Main ViaVoice tools Sourceforge page.

Or you can go straight to the ViaVoice tools Download Page.

To use these tools you will need the ViaVoice speech recognition Software Developer's Kit and the ViaVoice dictation Run Time Kit. Unfortunately, as of May 2002, these products were no longer available. (Previously they were here.)

You might be interested in the ViaVoice tools developers mailing list.

Other interesting sites.

The xvoice project

IBM's ViaVoice Dictation for Linux product.